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Authority of Sunnah: Qur’ânic Proofs

1 01 1990

Shaykh Jamâl al-Dîn M. Zarabozo in his book The Authority and Importance of the Sunnah laid out in the appendix 50 sets of verses from the Qur’ân which proved the authority and importance of the Sunnah. When beginning a discussion such as this with someone skeptical of hadîth, one should begin with the Qur’ân when holding such a discussion because to use hadîth (or the sunnah) when initiating such a discussion would be to use circular reasoning - it is that very thing whose authenticity and importance is in dispute, so it cannot initially be used to prove it’s own relevance. Once the Qur’ânic proofs are discussed and accepted, it is then possible to move on to use the hadîth of the Prophet sallallâhu alayhi wa sallim to continue the discussion.  What follows below are the ayahs one can use in their discussion:

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