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If Iblis has a VBlog on Youtube…

2 05 2008

If Iblis had a VBlog on Youtube, might it look something like this? 

This video is Part 6 in the “Shaytan Series” (check out the other 9 parts on youtube [I'd recommend guys skip part 1]).  Very amazing effort, would love to see our North American brothers and sisters come out with something as creative and powerful in message to address issues they experience regularly.

Write in and share your thoughts on the video (and the others, if you watched them) and tell us how (or if) they had any effect on you.  They definitely did for me, may Allah subhaana wa ta’aala reward those who made these videos.



7 responses to “If Iblis has a VBlog on Youtube…”

7 05 2008
BintAbdillah (17:50:55) :

I thought the videos overall were good, i didnt care much for the fact of how they made shaytaan look..but i guess the messgae wont get a cross better if he was a shadow or something.

“waking up fo fajr” clip scared by little bro..

15 05 2008
Nabeel (13:46:22) :

I forwarded the same video three days ago to my cousin (who’s a chain-smoker), he hasn’t touched a cigarette since, Alhumdulillah

23 05 2008
Anonymous (06:12:16) :

I’ve seen these videos. Overall I think they send out a strong message to the average Muslim.

My sister really enjoys them, esp when a new one comes out every once in a while.

Personally, my favorite is the Hijab one.

27 07 2008
Kellyjaz Mustafah (16:39:16) :

Assalamu 3alaikum warahmatuALLAHI wabarakatuh

I believe there is a problem with the video, Allah planned already to put adam and eve on earth, they were forgiven for their actions and it was not because of their actions that they were put on earth. ( in islam we dont believe in original sin.)

Fe Aman llah

4 08 2008
S (13:07:49) :

Asalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I just wanted to say jazakum Allahu khayr for sharing the videos, I hadn’t seen them before, and now I’ve watched all of them and they were really good and thought-provoking mashaAllah. InshaAllah they will make a difference!

9 08 2008
moco110 (15:48:12) :


The actual image or their depiction of shaytan doesn’t matter that much to me. But his attitude and what he said and especially that they did it in arabic is what really hit me.

it seems so true. it really hits home.

May Allah reward the efforts of those made it, and forgive and guide them if they overstepped any bounds.

19 09 2008
Halima (22:11:47) :

i love these videos and i often recommend them to friends
Mashallah they are a great reminder for us all

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