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Osama Bin Laden Dead? Did Benazir Bhutto Leak Information?

6 01 2008

The author of http://awaitingparadise.wordpress.com/ posted a most interesting entry regarding an interview given by Benazir Bhutto after one of the failed assassination attempts.  In it, she mentions at 2:10 into the interview, “…and he also had dealings with Omar Shaykh, the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden,”

Now, in contrast, watch what is said (and not said) on BBC’s website - same interview, but with an interesting twist - at 4:50 - 5:00 min into the video in which those words were mentioned about OBL, instead a cut of the interviewer is seen and what was said about Osama Bin Laden was removed.

Another interesting thing to note - look to the emblem by Benazir’s shoulder - there’s an AlJazeera Watermark on the video.  So who really editted out the video, and why?  Hard to say.



7 responses to “Osama Bin Laden Dead? Did Benazir Bhutto Leak Information?”

6 01 2008
Mujeeb (08:14:02) :

If anything happens to OBL or any of the AQ leaders/commanders then one can expect an immediate statement from AQ.

6 01 2008
6 01 2008
13 01 2008
Olivia (02:23:17) :

you know, its really weird to see a person on TV when they’rea already dead, especially when theyre talking about the possibility of their own death. *shivers*

28 05 2008
gunnut (02:17:30) :

Well, I checked out the link to the BBC vid which you link to from this site. The BBC vid does NOT omit what Bhutto says about bin Laden. SO, what gives? Trying to spread a little misinformation yourself????? HMMMMM???

28 05 2008
Siraaj (02:20:39) :

No, the BBC was caught by numerous bloggers and immediately changed it back to the original video. Notice that my blog is not the only one to report on this.


2 07 2008
kingdom (06:56:46) :

well, i think osama is alive and he will.

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